Building digital twins of your cropping systems

Digital twins are widely used in industry, retails, to pharmaceutics and healthcare. Those numerical copies help to knowledge, understanding and anticipation to better act on real systems. They can bring value to every step of the product life cycle. Know more on added value to plant life cycle…

To bring a complete and relevant view of cropping systems, we combine several technologies from data acquisition, machine learning, model, numerical simulation.

Models of agronomical systems

Our historical approach is the mechanistic modelling of plants growth. Multiphysical and agronomical equations model complex interactions between climate, soil and genotype to simulate phenotypic traits :

  • Phenological stages,
  • Harvested organs weight,
  • Qualities,
  • Abiotic stresses,

Our second approach rely on data valorization to learn to understand plants. From statistical regression to deep learning techniques, the key is to choose the technique suited to your objectives and your data.

It is the fusion of both approaches that enable us to provide services to valorize agronomical and climate data as well as imaging signals.

Mechanistic model of weat development

Remote sensing and signal processing

Map of biomass potential

From drones to satellites, ways to observe agroforestry landscapes are numerous. To provide autonomous services, we use the richness of spectrum to automatically access at large scale precise agronomic indicators.

Agronomical databases valorization

As every asset, your data have as much value as they are qualitative. Our Data Scientists and Agronomes apply our algorithms and methodologies to : complete, structure, make more reliable and safe your data.

Data structuration and data model of a tree nursery

Distributed software infrastructures for collaborative solutions

To support you in the adoption of digital performance, CybeleTech software suite expose its services through powerful dedicated infrastructures : web and SaaS solutions, safeness of sensitive data (protecting you Intelligence Property as well as your Client data), mobile applications…

To optimize data circulation and computing we provide fast ressource efficient solutions. We work on the Cloud, HPC and Fog Computing strategies of our solutions through partnerships, like EVOLVE.

Strong from those expertises, CybeleTech supports you with complete software solutions, bringing powerful results but also easy to use ! Know more…