Turnkey software solutions

Our software services provide key indicators for decision aid to various trades of agroforestry : R&D, agronomy, marketing, business, harvest management, logistic to transformation.

Technology enable reaching new performances but also save time : thought with agriculture partners, our solutions can be used in fields, on smartphone of tablet, to white areas.

CybeleTech supports you in the heart of the action, with diagnostics in the field but also digitalizing information earlier as possible to avoid retyping.

To empower information flow between your processes, we handle open standards data formats : geojson, csv, telePAC…

Dedicated Development : technology adapted to your needs

To go further and take place in your work cycle, our teams can work on dedicated interfaces and adaptation to your existing systems.

Solutions can be adapted, white branded, for a continuity of services and an optinal experience, for your internal services, clients and partners.

Most of our indicators are computed automatically, but can be calibrated on your data to valorize your assets and adapt to your specific areas and needs.

Support in digitalization

Database valorization

In average, 30% of our clients historical data are usable from the start : reliable, complete. But most of the time it is enough to bring first diagnostics and initiate together a vertuous cycle of data acquisition and model :

  • Target competitivity parameters and anticipate them
  • Optimize investments in data acquisition, design of experiments adapted to value creation axis.

Process digitalization and training

We conceive information systems suited to agronomical data storage, strongly heterogenous. Conceiving ergonomic and useful tools to guarantee a good level of use is something to build between trade and technique : between you and us. We support you in the conception of complete information systems to insure that data will create value for your strategic processes.

Conceiving innovative agronomic systems

Agriculture must be thought in multiple ways, in better controlled systems and as part of an ecosystem. We think that there is not one but several agricultures that must coexist to adress all needs and challenges.

Our pluridisciplinary teams supports you in conception of those new production systems : model-driven conception, model-based design of agronomic experiments, predictive intelligence, optimized sensor networks to master competitivity parameters…

As an example, in Cameroon, we conceive a solution dedicated to master production areas at national scale to reinforce link between small farmers and cooperatives. Improving rotations, advising and teaching on best pratices, anticipating anomalies to act earlier… thanks to fusion of field data with climate and remote sensing signals.